5 Tips for Fall: Service Your Subaru Before Winter

Enjoy the benefits of keeping your Subaru running perfectly when you choose to give it the service it needs before winter hits. OK, OK, we get it: living in this part of California doesn't mean you'll need to shovel your car or SUV out of a snowbank to get to work. Still, prepping your Subaru now for winter driving is a wise decision, no matter how sunny a location you live in.

5 Ways to Service Your Subaru This Fall

  1. Have both your brakes and oil checked. These are two very important areas that shouldn't be ignored if you want to keep every drive safe.
  2. This is easier with a partner: work with a friend to check your vehicle over, making sure that all lights--including blinkers--work properly.
  3. Replace broken, frayed or otherwise imperfect windshield wipers, or have these replaced in our tidy service center.
  4. Check your car's battery or have this done at our service center. Nothing worse than a dead battery on a busy day when you have important deadlines.
  5. Get a great car wash and/or detail for your Subaru now. Sure, it will gather dirt and mud in the coming months, but this is a preventative measure which can help protect the exterior of your vehicle.

At Timmons Subaru, we hope you'll call us soon to schedule service for any of the above fall maintenance tips. Also, be sure to check out our fall service event.

We're located just a short drive from Huntington Beach, CA, and will be happy to assist you soon.

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