It's no secret that Subaru loves the Earth, and we want to do our part here at Timmons Subaru. All through the month of April, come see us and see how our partnership with TerraCycle can help divert waste from landfills into items used in everyday life like bike racks, flower pots and even picnic tables for your favorite local park!

There's always more to do, so why not take some time and collect your hard to recycle items into our zero-waste boxes we have in our showroom. We'll take items like disposable cup lids, cups and sleeves as well as snack bags. Do you have a single-cup coffee maker at home? Not sure what to do with those plastic cups? Just bring them to us! We'll make it easy to recycle them, and you can feel better about your environmental impact.

As a tiny way of saying thanks, we have free chip-clips made from recycled snack bags. So every time you go to re-seal your chip bags, you'll have a little reminder to do your part to recycle as much as possible.

We only have this one earth, and we're dedicated to keeping it clean and healthy for future generations. Come visit us at Timmons Subaru to help do your part, and see exactly how Subaru is helping recycle more and keep waste out of landfills.

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