We all know that safety is a number-one priority on any road trip, but our four-legged companions make extra precautions necessary. Even a minor fender bender can be life threatening to those who aren't properly restrained in the car. Cats have been known to wedge themselves beneath a brake pedal, and a hard stop can throw an unrestrained puppy into the windshield. Nobody wants that for their fur-babies.

Here are 5 tips to keep you pet safe in your Subaru

  • Pack your Subaru Well: If your car is piled with baggage or household items, make sure everything you are carrying is tied down securely to prevent heavy items from toppling onto your pet while your are driving.
  • Restrain your Pets at All Times: To prevent injury, pets should always be secured in the rear seat while the car is moving – dogs should be in a seat belt and harness and cats  should be in a pet carrier. As much as your pet may want to ride shotgun, and you want to let him, the incredible and intense force of an expanding airbag can crush a cat carrier and seriously injure an animal in the passenger seat. If you have an SUV, another option is installing a barrier behind the rear seat that keeps your furry friend confined to the rear cargo area.
  • Be Cautious: To prevent theft of your pet or heat stroke from intense temperatures, never (ever) leave your pet in your vehicle unattended. Even if the windows are cracked open, the temperature inside a vehicle on a mild day can quickly rise to dangerous levels. Heat can cause brain damage or death.
  • Be Prepared: To keep your pet safe at all times on a road trip, make sure their vaccinations are up to date, pack a copy of their medical records and, in case of an emergency, a list of veterinary clinics along your route.
  • Keep Everybody Inside: Don't let your dog ride with their head out the window. Even though they enjoy the wind in their fur, and you love to see them see them so happy, flying rocks, garbage and debris can injure your dog and the increased airflow can even damage their lungs.

Timmons of Long Beach and Subaru Love Pets and always wants your family adventures to be safe!

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