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Your Cabin Air Filter – What it Does. When to Change it

Fall brings attention to the importance of Subaru car care and a vehicle's preventative maintenance. One often-neglected item that gets dirty and worn is the cabin air filter!

What is the Cabin Air Filter? The cabin air filter acts as a screen that protects the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) from outside elements that could harm it. At the same time, it filters out the dirt and pollutants, keeping them from entering…
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It's Now Easier Than Ever To Love Your Subaru

In order to continue to deliver exceptional customer service and also to maintain the health of your vehicle for as long as possible, Timmons Subaru is offering complimentary maintenance for new models with our fantastic Maintain the Love service program!

While Subaru vehicles already deliver exceptional reliability for the driver, Timmons Subaru is now enhancing this desirable reliability even further with our complimentary maintenance program that our customers certainly will want to take advantage of.

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5 Tips for Fall: Service Your Subaru Before Winter

Enjoy the benefits of keeping your Subaru running perfectly when you choose to give it the service it needs before winter hits. OK, OK, we get it: living in this part of California doesn't mean you'll need to shovel your car or SUV out of a snowbank to get to work. Still, prepping your Subaru now for winter driving is a wise decision, no matter how sunny a location you live in.

5 Ways to Service Your Subaru This Fall

  1. Have both your brakes and oil checked. These are two very important areas that shouldn't be ignored…
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Spring Cleaning For Your Subaru

Spring has finally sprung and that means it's time for Spring cleaning! We aren't just talking about sweeping all of those house-hold cobwebs away, we are reminding you - don't forget to Spring clean your car.

As the sun comes out and the air around you warms it's time to stretch out and head outside. Here are some Spring-cleaning car maintenance tips for you to think about:

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Frequently-asked questions about oil changes in Long Beach


Why is it so important to change my dang oil?

If you don't know much about the incredibly complicated inner workings of your Subaru BOXER engine, you might get frustrated with the constant harping about engine oil, filters, and oil changes in Long Beach--come on, it's just another service, right?


Actually, changing your oil on time is just as important as all of those annoying PSAs make it out to be. Engine oil works to regulate engine temperature, lubricate moving parts, clean away dirt and debris, and filter out impurities that could cause corrosion and rust…

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Why is Scheduled Maintenance So Important for Your Subaru?

System maintenance and checks, oil and filter changes, tire rotations and balancing: it's all part of the puzzle that spells out a lifetime of top performance for your Subaru.

And at Timmons Subaru, we're here to help! Whether you prefer to leave it to the pros, or you need genuine Subaru parts for your home garage, we're your one-stop shop.

Want to know more about your Subaru's individual service schedule for…
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Does a California Subaru Need Winter Service?

The short answer?


Luckily, winterizing your Subaru WRX, Outback or Forester is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • 1: Call our auto service center to make an appointment
  • 2: Drop your car off at Timmons Subaru during your appointed time
  • 3: Kick back, relax, and pick up your car at your convenience!

While winter weather in Long Beach, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, and Torrance CA isn't quite like the weather our New England cousins see, it…

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