Timmons Subaru Long Beach Lease Return Center: Learn About Your End-of-Lease Options

If you're currently leasing a Subaru model--or if you're considering a lease and you want to know all the facts first--it's important to thoroughly understand all of the end-of-lease options available to you at Timmons Subaru in Long Beach. Whether you want to keep it, want to re-up your lease, or don't want to commit to anything just yet, you'll find an easy solution at our dealership. We serve Subaru leases to the greater Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Torrance, and Huntington Beach areas, and we can help you out.

If your 12-, 24-, 36-, or 42-month lease is nearing completion, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do next. Some people love leasing, and simply trade in for a newer model-year every time. Other people get so attached to the vehicle they were driving that they want to keep it forever. For others, maybe their preferences changed and they want to wait before making a decision. Whatever you want to do, you always have flexible options:

"I love my leased Subaru and I want to buy it outright."

Many drivers choose to purchase their Subaru at the end of their lease--since the buyout price is agreed upon at lease-signing, it's very possible that you could end up paying less for the vehicle than it's actually worth! And, since you'll be claiming ownership, the only fees you'll be responsible for are title/registration/any outstanding payments.

If you want to buy out your lease early (before lease-end), we encourage you to contact our finance department--we'll look over your vehicle's equity and remaining lease payments to see if you qualify.

"I want to lease another brand-new Subaru."

If low monthly payments, the best of new technology and premium performance, and low-mileage driving is working out for you, then Option #2--trading out your old lease for a new Subaru--might be best for you. Whether you emerge from your lease with a higher value than expected, or with more wear/tear and miles than expected, we can simply factor that into your next lease's payments and adjust as necessary.

And, with a huge selection of new Subaru models and trim options on our lot, you can upgrade to your dream car easily.

"I want to return my Subaru at the end of the lease, and walk away."

We're sorry to see you go! But this fast, easy return process is Option #3 for Subaru lessees, and it's a simple matter of swinging by our finance department. Before you arrive, we recommend removing all personal items from the vehicle to save time at the dealership, and returning all accessories, manuals, and equipment that the model came with to avoid any additional charges.

At the time of return, you may be asked to pay an end-of-lease bill; this covers any fees related to the lease, like excess wear and tear, excess mileage, damages, missing equipment, etc. You're welcome to contact us before you visit to inquire about possible charges.

Whatever You Choose, Choose Timmons Subaru in Long Beach

Even if you won't be buying or leasing with us, we want to help make your lease experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment; we'll appraise the value of your leased vehicle, get an up-to-date buyout price and equity estimate, and help you explore all your options.

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