Timmons' Subaru donated $30,000 to the Honoring Our Fallen fund with the organizations' founder and executive director, Laura Herzog, in attendance.

"Thank you Timmons Subaru of Long Beach for your unwavering support for Honoring Our Fallen!!!
We are humbled and thankful to be a Subaru Share The Love Sponsored Organization!!!!
2018- $28,502
2019- $23,265
2020- $30,804
2021- $24,650
2022- $30,000
TOTAL in the last 5 years (2018-2022) $137K!!!!!"

"Timmons' VW and Subaru have supported us over the last four years and it seems like every year they figure out a way to do more and we are very thankful...", said Laura.

Laura's Honoring Our Fallen foundation is dedicated to providing swift assistance to family members who have recently suffered a loss of a close loved one either as a  first-responder or in battle over seas. The money donated by Timmon's Subaru will be used to provide birthday and holiday presents to the children of fallen family members, provide retreats for Gold Star mothers and wives, provide the grave sites of the fallen with a flag of the United States, as well as fund a series of grief-coping programs. Learn more about Honoring Our Fallen at https://www.honoringourfallen.org/

Timmons Subaru supports Honoring Our Fallen 

Honoring Our Fallen is a not for profit organization that provides support for families of our fallen military and first-responders. This organization's comprehensive support begins within 24 hours of notification by local, state, or federal officials. Honoring our Fallen immediately determines the family's needs and works as a calming force in the face of a family's time of chaos. CEO and life blood behind Honoring Our Fallen, Laura Herzog, realized there was a gap between the military requirements and the assistance needed by the families left behind. Honoring Our Fallen bridges this gap with support from the transfer of dignified remains and continues with ongoing events such as retreats for children, spouses, and parents that allow them to find support from others who are enduring the same loss.