Timmons Subaru is helping every way we can to give back to our community!

Congratulations to Seal Beach Lions Club Grand Prize Opportunity Drawing winner Tamara P. from Huntington Beach!

Proceeds from the drawing benefit projects for sight and hearing impairment, local community projects and other charitable organizations.

The Seal Beach Lions Club has been serving the communities of Seal Beach, Rossmoor and Los Alamitos since 1939. The club is the largest Lions Club in California and  the largest and most active service organization in the Seal Beach area. Seal Beach Lions has a dynamic youth program called "LEOS" with combined membership of over 175 youth ranging in age from 12 to 17: Three distinctly different youth Leo Clubs meet the needs of youth from different walks of life.  Seal Beach Leos are made up of kids typically from the Los Alamitos School District. The Braille Leo Club consists of  youth members with sight impairments. The VBA Leo Club is made up of home-schooled from Orange County and surrounding areas.   

Lion Members come from all walks of life and include city and Chamber officials, school board members, local police officers, local educators and of course local business people. Our members come from all five districts including Leisure World.

The Seal Beach Lions Club is known in the community as the 'go to' organization for just about anything happening in town or in the school district. Lions are the first ones called when there is a need for manpower. Just about every event in Seal Beach has Lions involvement either in a lead or supporting role.

Visit their website to learn more: https://www.sealbeachlions.org/

Timmons Subaru is proud to be a sponsor of the Seal Beach Lions Club!

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