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General Manager

April Somers
General Manager

April has been in the auto industry for most of her life. She's a great mother to 3 kids and loves the auto industry at a close 2nd. She is a perfect fit for Subaru since she was a womens intermediate moto-cross champion.


Internet Sales Department

Jennifer Sauer
Internet Sales Director

Jennifer has been with Subaru for over thirteen years. She drives over 180 miles round trip to be a part of the Timmons Family. She lives a couple of miles off the beaten track on a dirt road which comes in handy for her rally racing.  She has beat Pastrana's and Bucky's top lap time to a pulp. You may see her in next year's X Games.

Chris Alvarez
Internet Sales

Chris is not just another pretty face. That great smile is backed with hard work that translates to going the extra mile for you! When he isn't at Timmons he is enjoying his time with family. He is a daddy three times over now!

Chrissy Concannon
Internet Sales Consultant

Time and time again you will hear how Chrissy goes the extra miles for her clients. Check out our Yelp page and you will see her name all over the place. Her hopes and dreams... for Subaru to import some of those beautiful pink Subarus that she sees in Japan. Someone get the girl some paint!

Rusty Csonka
Internet Sales Manager

Rusty is our gentle ginger giant!  If you need to know just how good the head room is in a Subaru, this is the guy to ask!  He's also our go to guy if we need an ASL interpreter sales consultant. (American Sign Language).  He was pretty much born to be in this business.  You may recognize his last name.

Russell Csonka
Internet Sales Consultant

What can you say about Russell? At the age of 23 Russell swam the English channel. By the time he was 30 he had made 2 laps around the earth on a unicycle. At 34 he base jumped from the Sears Tower. At 39 he dug up a sunken Spanish ship just because he was bored. In other words Russell is an interesting guy. Shoot him an email and find out for yourself. He was given permission to mess with Texas.

Bernardo Moretzsohn
Internet Sales Consultant

No he doesn't go by Bernard, or Bernie, he is definitely our Portuguese and Spanish speaking Bernardo. He joined the Timmons family with multiple years of automotive experience from Carsdirect. He is a Subaru owner a couple of times over, and this man will identify with you wanting a good deal. We've seen him do some crazy things to save a few bucks!

Keith Lewis
Internet Sales Consultant

We are pretty sure he was on the cover of GQ.  This guy is a sharp dresser, but there is more to Keith than a pretty face. He knows Subaru and is here for all of your research questions.  Keith knows the customer comes first and he makes every customer feel special.

Dave Martin
Internet Sales Consultant

Look up Dave "Munson" Martin and you will learn a whole lot about Subaru and have fun doing it. Dave is a laid back guy who is super helpful and when he is not showing off the STI or WRX, he is spending time doing homework, surfing, or at a soccer or water polo practice with his daughters.

Mitch Atkins
Internet Sales Consultant

They found Mitch when they broke ground on the building.  At least his knowledge about Subaru and the car business makes us think that's what happened. Let Mitch use his knowledge to help you get your next car.  Plus, you will have fun while doing it.

Kellie Ramirez
Internet Sales

Kellie is originally from Texas, wait no, California, wait not... it's Wyoming, yes, Wyoming. She's lived in a few different places as her husband has been stationed in a few different places through his military career.  Lucky for us though, she is staying put because she knows here Subaru. When she isn't talking your ear off about Subaru, she's off roading in hers!


Sales Department

Rocky Ghahary
Sales Manager

Rocky loves his Dogs. At last count he has 6. If you see someone in the middle of a giant pack of dogs walking on your street, it might be Rocky. When he is not walking the dogs you can find him at a Laker game. Look for the white Subaru WRX in the parking lot and ask for an extra ticket. Maybe you'll get Lucky.

Chuck Moore
Sales Manager

Chuck has been around cars his whole life. His Dad owned a body shop business and was an NHRA mechanic, while his step father was a finance manager at a new car dealer. Going fast and making the deals happen are what he does best. Must be in the up-bringing!!!

Enrique Gallardo
Assistant Sales Manager

Jesse Cardenas
Sales Associate

Ratana Chhor
Sales Associate

Gary Colfack
Subaru Sales Consultant

Gary has a love of Subaru that goes deeper than most. He currently drives an Impreza 5 door, really misses his Tribeca and loved his legacy that he named Shirley. Feel free to contact Gary. He really knows his All Wheel Drive.

Miles Custer
Sales Consultant

Once Custer has had his morning coffee, afternoon coffee, followed by his evening coffee, he is ready to go.  Despite his incessant coffee drinking he is actually very mellow guy.  You will enjoy your shopping time with Miles. We think he is having the coffee cup surgically removed from his hand next week.

Ricky Flick
Sales Consultant

Ricky will bend over backwards and treat you right, which is quite a feat because he over 6 feet tall. He's a gentle giant though that you will enjoy working with.

Dylan Mullaney
Sales Associate

Dietrich Seney
Sales Associate

Pre-Owned Vehicle Salesman

Miguel Arenas
BDC Manager
(562) 595-4601

Sales Consultant

Sharf is his nickname. His legal name is Hossain Sharfuddin.  He is originally from Bangladesh.  You will find him to be very patient and he will go the extra mile to answer all of your questions.


Finance Department

Abay Burke
Finance Manager

Abay has been with Timmons Subaru for 8 years. His love of doing your paperwork is only matched by his love for the Gym. Being a Finance Manager and Certified Trainer means he can tell you what you need to keep your car and your body running for a long time.  

Mike Campion
Finance Manager

Mike has a great sense of humor. Well at least he thinks so. When he isn't helping you with your contracts or driving his STI you can find him planning his next fantasy football team. If you need some insight about who is going to win the next big game... ask Mike.

Mario Philippe
Finance Manager

Mario is the other half of our dynamic duo in the finance department. When you have a question about extended service contracts, or maybe want to purchase a maintenance program, give Mario a call. Bring him some Carl's Jr. and you'll see his happy side.

Joe Ramos
Finance Manager

When Joe first came to us, he was making a long commute from Riverside. Luckily he likes us enough, and we like him that we decided to make it permanent and he moved closer to work.  Now he can be here in a jiffy to help you with all of your finance questions and DMV paperwork.


Parts Department

Craig Habberfield
Parts Manager

Francisco Diaz
Parts Stock Clerk

Mario Gonzalez
Parts Associate

Tee Huk
Parts Consultant

Joel Lewis
Parts Associate

Bill Looney
Parts Technician

Leo Lopez
Parts Sales

Miguel Santin
Assistant Parts Manager

Murilo Rodrigues
Parts Stock Clerk


Service Department

Mike Alusick
Service Manager

Mike is what you call a short timer. He's been at Timmons since 1985. WOW!  Have you ever looked at a busy service department and wonder how in the world they get all those cars, checked, inspected, and serviced every day. Mike asks himself that every morning and then gets it done. Whether its a minor oil change, a set of new brakes, or new tires, Mike will make sure it gets done. When he can pull him self away from work you'll probably see him at one of the many Long Beach State athletic events.

Marvin Almeida
Service Writer

Vidal Fonseca
Service Porter

Peter L.
Reconditioning Manager

Chris Price
Service Writer

Chris Carbonell
Service Associate

Vandanny Duong
Service Technician


Fleet Department

Julie Bagdonus
Fleet Sales

Meri Huskey
Fleet Manager


Business Office

Natalie Timmons
Office Clerical

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