Timmons Subaru is proud to be an active part of the Long Beach community. Together with Subaru, we have sponsored toy donations, beach clean-ups, animal adoption events, and other local events.

Subaru runs the annual Share the Love event as a holiday tradition for charitable causes as well as their Subaru Cares programs. We're glad to participate in these events, on top of our own, and proud to be part of a brand that sees value in giving back.

Below are just a couple highlights from our events - for more, visit our Facebook page!
Timmons of Long Beach Shares the Love with the Community 

Timmons in the Community with the Langley Senior Center

Timmons Subaru in the Community at Langley Senior Center  

Timmons Subaru is helping every way we can to give back to our community! Today we were at the Langley Senior Center in Monterey Park, fighting hunger and giving hope to our seniors in helping to supply them with food! What an extraordinary experience to be able to help and to donate our time to an amazing cause!

Timmons in the Community with The PPE Unite™ Program

Timmons Subaru helps Distribute PPE for Small Business 
Timmons Subaru of Long Beach proudly assisted with the distribution of much needed PPE to local small businesses through the PPE Unite™ program loading cars up with protective masks, hand sanitizers and face shields for small businesses.

Timmons in the Community with New Image Emergency Shelter

Timmons Subaru of Long Beach donates blankets to New Image Emergency Shelter to help the community

Timmons Subaru of Long Beach proudly donated 80 blankets to New Image Emergency Shelter in Los Angeles to help those in need of comprehensive Case Management and Supportive Services, housing, job search and placement, outreach, and referral services.

Timmons in the Community with Friends of Long Beach Animals

Timmons of Long Beach Shares the Love with the Friends of Long Beach Animals  

Timmons Subaru Long Beach proudly donated $38,331 to the Friends of Long Beach Animals Wednesday, July 15.

"We were extremely surprised-this year was nearly double last year's donation," said Larry Blunden, Friends of Long Beach Animals' treasurer. "We never take this for granted and never really know for sure if we will even get a donation."

Timmons in the Community and Honoring Our Fallen

Timmons' Subaru supports Honoring Our Fallen with the organizations' founder and executive director, Laura Herzog, in attendance to accept the check Wednesday July 15. Honoring Our Fallen provides support for Families of Our Fallen specifically during the Transfer of Dignified Remains.

"Thank you Timmons Subaru of Long Beach and every customer who chose Honoring Our Fallen through the Subaru of America, Inc. Share The Love Campaign! $30,804.35 raised to support Fallen Hero Missions."

Timmons in the Community at the OC Food Bank

Subaru loves to help and Timmons of Long Beach is no exception.  We joined other Subaru volunteers in packing up boxes of food at the OC Food Bank. 

Timmons in the Community and Subaru Feeding America


Subaru has formed a new partnership with and is committed to providing 50 million meals to Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation's largest domestic hunger‐relief organization with 200 food banks nationwide, serving 60,000 food pantries across the country.

Timmons Subaru Long Beach is working with the Los Angeles Food Bank to alleviate hunger in the Los Angeles County area by distributing food and other essentials to children, seniors, families and other individuals in need.
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 2 million people in Los Angeles County lived with food insecurity, which means 1 in 5 people who live here did not know where their next meal was coming from. Those numbers are increasing every day during these uncertain times.

Timmons in the Community Break a World Record!

With your help, Subaru, including Timmons Subaru of Long Beach, has broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest parade of Subaru cars with 1,751 Subaru vehicles, three times as many vehicles as the previous record.

The parade, organized by the 2020 Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest, took place at the OC Fair & Expo Center in Costa Mesa, CA on Sunday, October 4. The parade spanned two miles and included 1,751 Subaru vehicles driven by Subaru owners. 

The record for largest parade of Subaru cars was previously broken in 2015 with a total of 549 vehicles.

In lieu of ticket sales this year, Subaru asked for a donation to Feeding America from each registration who participated in the record-attempt. The gracious donations from the participants will provide 241,800 meals. Subaru will match the donations, bringing the total number of meals to 500,000. 

Feeding America will deliver the meals to two local food banks - Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Second Harvest Orange County.

Congratulations to all participants! We did it!

Timmons in the Community with the ABC7 Spark of Love Toy Drive!

Timmons of Long Beach proudly supports and participates in the ABC 7 Spark of Love Charity Toy Drive Event presented by Subaru

ABC7 and Southern California Firefighters, along with presenting sponsor Subaru, are celebrating their 27th Anniversary of the Spark of Love Toy Drive. Over the past twenty seven years, the Spark of Love Toy Drive has successfully collected more than ten million toys for underserved children and teens. Timmons of Long Beach was proud to be present at this momentous and heartfelt event.

The "Spark of Love Toy Drive" takes place in November and December every year. With love and support of donors and sponsors, kids across Southern California receive a new toy each holiday season.

Donation of any and all sizes are welcome and all net proceeds will go to buying toys or sports equipment for children to help ABC7 and the Southland's firefighters make a difference in a child's life during the holidays.

Timmons in the Community with the Rock Your Block - School Edition!

Timmons Subaru Loves Education!

Everyone remembers their first concert... Learn how you can win the Ultimate Concert featuring Lil Nas X at your school PLUS a $10,000 school donation AND register your child for a $5,000 College Scholarship!

Timmons Subaru will be hosting an event on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm to help you sign up! Music - Fun - Giveaways

Timmons in the Community with our Annual Toy Jam & Car Show!

Timmons Subaru Loves Kids!

19th Annual Toy Jam & Annual Car Show
Saturday, October 5th
Timmons of Long Beach
3940/3950 Cherry Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807

Bring a toy to make a kid's day and enjoy the car show!
All proceeds benefit Miller Children's Hospital.

Timmons in the Community with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Timmons Subaru Long Beach delivers messages of hope, blankets and arts and crafts kits to Children's Hospital 
Timmons Subaru Loves to Care!

LLS and Subaru delivered over 43,000 blankets and over 9,500 arts and crafts kits to hospitals and cancer treatment centers across the country to spread hope, love and warmth to those fighting cancer through gestures of caring.

Timmons Subaru Loves the Earth
Timmons Subaru Long Beach Loves the Earth Recycling Program

Subaru and Timmons of Long Beach are continuing our partnership with TerraCycle® to keep hard-to-recycle waste out of our landfills and turn it into useful items for our community like park benches and bike racks. So far, over 1,000,000 pieces of waste have been diverted from local landfills.

Click Here to Learn More!

Timmons in the Community with FeedSoCal
Timmons Subaru of Long Beach helps feed the homeless with FeedSoCal and ABC7 
Timmons Subaru partners with ABC7 for the annual Feed SoCal food drive!  Last year, with your help, the campaign raised over SIX and a HALF MILLION pounds of food.  Donations are sent to four regional food banks: LA Regional Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank (OC), Feeding America (Riverside/San Bernardino), and Food Share (Ventura)!

Timmons Subaru is an Eco-Friendly Retailer 
Timmons Subaru Long Beach is proud to be a Subaru Eco Friendly Retailer

The environment is an important matter for our customers.  The Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program demonstrates the core values of Subaru as a company and a brand by positively impacting our community and its local environment.
We are proud to announce that our facility achieved Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer certification.
Timmons in the Community with Coastal Clean Up
Timmons Subaru was proud to be a sponsor for Coastal Clean Up.  Volunteers at this great event were able to enjoy the sun and help to keep our beaches and oceans clean.  Take a look at the photos below and you will see that you are never to young or old to make a difference. Timmons Subaru wishes to thank everyone that came out to participate.       
Timmons in the Community with Honoring Our Fallen  
Timmons' Subaru donated $28,502 to the Honoring Our Fallen fund with the organizations' founder and executive director, Laura Herzog, in attendance to accept the check Friday, April 27. Laura having lost her own son in battle was accompanied by fellow Gold Star parents during the incredibly moving ceremony.


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